(Photos by Paul M. Verzosa and Anthony Bautista)

Exclusive to Filipino Reporter

The Jose P. Rizal International Foundation (JPRIF) and Grand Knights for Rizal (GKR) held their 2nd Annual Assembly on Oct. 26-28, 2018 at the Doubletree by Hilton Hotel in Newark, N.J.

Organized by Filipino-Americans whose goal is to spread and propagate the ideas and sacrifices that made Dr. Jose P. Rizal the national Filipino hero, delegates trooped to New Jersey from various states, including California, Florida, Pennyslvania, New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

On the first day, the attending members met and greeted one another during welcome ceremonies at Doubletree attended by members of the organizations’ executive officers led by Roland David, President of JPRIF; and Eddie Limon of GKR; Paul M. Verzosa; Matt Reyes; and Ding Camunggol.

The next day on Oct. 27, officers, members and Grand Ladies of JPRIF were inducted.

Limon talked about the difference between JPRIF/GKR and other organizations.

Atty. Manny Quintal discussed the Constitution and By-Laws of JPRIF.

Atty. Ernest Lanetti expounded on the legality of the two Rizal organizations.

In the evening of same date, Grand Gala Knights was held and chaired by Fe Martinez and Elvira Reyes.

Twenty-five Fil-Am professionals who have excelled in their respective professions were given Recognition Awards.

This writer was among the awardees.

Other awardees were: Dr. Prospero Lim, Dr. Francia de Vera, Dr. Joie Calub, Dr. Resty Estacio, Fe Saquibal, Lisa Galon, Lita Abelle, Madelyn Yu, Melia R. Sia, Eddie Limon, Atty. Manny Quintal, Michael Dadap, Rodrigo Mariano, Clarita Ramos, Dora Kotsidis, Elvira Reyes, Gwen de Vera, Marissa de Guzman, Ruth Marcial R.N., Nanette Sering-Wright, Ner Martinez, Ricky Rillera, Rolando Postadan and Nida Imperial.

The last day was a visit by the delegates to the Dr. Rizal Memorial in Cherry Hill, N.J.

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