Some of the featured artists during the opening reception of their exhibit at the Philippine Center. Standing, l.-r.: James Bascara, Kristianne Molina, Consul Arman R. Talbo, Jeanne F. Jalandoni, Roberto Jamora and Paloma Martinez-Miranda. Kneeling, l.-r.: Jessica Jacolbe, Andie Millares and Karl Orozco.  (Photo by Dogeater Collective)

Fifteen young Fil-Am artists and writers held the opening reception of their art exhibit entitled “The First Picture of You, 1990” at the Philippine Center Lobby Gallery in New York on April 27, 2019.

The concept of The First Picture of You, 1990 is taken from a chapter of Elaine Castillo’s novel, America Is Not The Heart.

The artists featured in the exhibition created work responding to the idea of their “first picture” and used the mundane objects and routines of everyday life in creating their art.

The opening reception was attended by members of the Fil-Am community, members of the media, and art enthusiasts in New York.

It was organized by Dogeater Collective, a group of young Fil-Am artists and writers based in New York.

The group takes its name from the Novel Dogeaters by Jessica Hagedorn, as their way of reclaiming and redefining their identity.

The artists are Maria Stabio, James Bascara, Mishel An Valenton, Emma Noelle, Kelvin Burzon, Eric Ramos Guerrero, Jeanne Jalandoni, Kristianne Molina, Karl Orozco, Tahnee Pantig, Derrick Quevedo, Camille Hoffman, Roberto Jamora, Paloma Martinez-Miranda and Julio Jose Austria.

The exhibit opened to the public on April 22, 2019 and ran until May 3, 2019.


The artists pose in front of their work during the opening reception at the Philippine Center Lobby Gallery.  (Photo by PCMB)