The first time we wrote about Tata Kay Habana (pictured above), an acclaimed soprano, we wrote about how good she was each time she performed on stage.

In that first article, titled by the Filipino Reporter as “Habana Captures Ears and Hearts of Audiences” and by GMA Network as “Pinay Soprano Making Waves in U.S.,” we said that in so short a time, Tata Kay Habana had captured the ears and won the hearts of her audiences because she was an adept singer with a kind and friendly heart.

In this article, the adoring fans of Tata would learn her trait as a Christian.

In the course of our work as self-appointed reviewer of this musical artist, we found out that in the same way her love for music is a passion, her love for God is also an unshakeable and unconditional passion.

As a reminder to herself, she once posted in her Facebook:

“God is too wise to be mistaken
God is too good to be unkind
So when I don’t understand
When I don’t see His plan
When I can’t trace His hand...
[I must] trust HIS heart.” ~ Babbie Mason

Above quote shows how much Tata trusts God.

She goes to her church on Sundays.

Whenever we exchange texts, Tata is always respectful.

I don’t know if that’s because I’m twice, more than a bit, in fact, older than her.

That’s exactly what I want to point out.

From an early age, she has been trained by her grandparents with life’s values and virtues.

She studied in a Bible School in Laguna.

I am a Bible reader as CFC member.

But, one cannot help getting amazed at Tata’s deep knowledge and understanding of how to apply in everyday life the teachings of the Words of God.

Occasionally, she would speak her heart about the teachings of Jesus Christ as she understands them, both on stage and online.

One day, I shared with her in Facebook Carrie Underwood’s rendition of the immortal Hymn “How Great Thou Art.”

A week later, Pastor Bing Oyos messaged me saying, I missed Tata Habana’s beautiful rendition of “How Great Thou Art” in his church that Sunday.

(I was out of town then).

I wrote this article with the knowledge that many of us, Filipino-Americans, and even non-Pinoys are admirers of Tata Kay Habana as a singer.

I admire her both as a singer and as a Christian.

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