Backstage at the sold-out Air Supply concert at The Town Hall in New York on June 13, 2015. From left, Graham Russell of Air Supply, guest singer Gail Banawis, Russell Hitchcock of Air Supply and Little John of Dj Filipino Events.  (Photo by RJ Ensalada)

The Air Supply sold-out concert at The Town Hall in New York on June 13 was a blast!

Gail Banawis was a special guest rendering 10 songs and ending with the “New York New York, New York” number eliciting big applause, catcalls and just happy noises.

Air Supply was produced by Little John of Dj Filipino Events who, by doing this, brought amazing delight and joy to the audience.

Russell Hitchcock and Graham Russell did not disappoint.

Every song number brought a chorus of sing-alongs, clap-clapping, stomping of the feet and what-have-you.

The songs are from the 80s, so most everybody, even the young ones, identified with them as they sway and sing, and were just elated.

The singers even went down from the stage to go around singing with the audience.

That was a riot!

They clamored for an encore and Air Supply did two songs.

Their lead guitarist reminded us of the famous Lenny Kravitz.

Truly, a very exhilarating concert!

Somehow, one can momentarily forget some sadness in one’s life.

To Little John, double high 5’s!

Some sponsors of the concert with singer Gail Banawis — Miguel Braganza, Elton Lugay, L.P. Pelayo, Dj Filipino Events, Holsman Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation P.C., ugly kitchen, NYPT Physical Therapy and Castellvi Productions.

Janette Banawis (left) and daughter Gail, the special guest singer at the Air Supply concert, who rendered 10 songs to everyone’s delight.

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