“Songspell” Philippines in New York City on May 29.  (Photos by Loren San Diego of Bébé Chérie Photography)

Exclusive to the Filipino Reporter

The “Songspell” Philippines received a standing ovation here in New York City last Sunday at the end of its three-hour show of Filipino culture and musical talents of young students from Davao City.

Some 250 people, mostly Filipino-Americans, rose from their seats and applauded the performers on stage.

The concert was held at Cathedral High School in Midtown Manhattan.

According to Miguel Braganza and Ria Serrano, producers of the show, the group will return in 2018 for another U.S. concert tour.

In prior years, “Songspell” had performed in 14 other states of the U.S.

Last week, the group performed in Washington, D.C. and Maryland.

Their last concert before returning to the Philippines will be in Connecticut.

They will march in the June 5 Philippine Independence Day parade in New York City.

In a Facebook post, Serrano wrote:

“A simple Facebook post in December 2015 became a private collaborative discussion.

“May 29, my co-production concert with Miguel Braganza, a ‘Miss Saigon’ alumnus, for ‘Songspell’ ended the night with tears of joy and fulfillment.

“Twenty-six kids from ‘Songspell,’ all hailing from Davao, delivered an amazing show that made people feel proud of the motherland. They showcased their best of Broadway music and OPM songs. I couldn’t help but sing on my seat when they started singing Basil Valdez’s ‘Nais kong maihip ng hangin...’ And they ended their stint with ‘Tagumpay Nating Lahat.’

“There were also performers from MB2NY who opened the show, namely Leila Cicco, Reese Paqueo, Claire Paqueo, Tammy Pattugalan, Rianne Avendula, Christopher Morales, Anne Garana and Ryan Paqueo.”


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