TAIPEI — SKYTRAX has ranked EVA Air as one of the “World’s Top-10 Best Airlines” and the number one airline for “Best Airline Cabin Cleanliness” for 2015, based on its prestigious annual quality satisfaction survey of travelers worldwide.

SKYTRAX presented the World Airline Awards at the Paris Air Show on June 16, 2015.

The survey is the largest globally and covers full-service and low-cost airlines.

EVA is the leading independent airline based in Taiwan.

More about EVA and its award-winning quality services is available at

The World Airline Awards, also known as the Passengers Choice Awards, set the global benchmark for airline excellence.

SKYTRAX invites travelers to respond based on personal experiences.

To ensure impartial and independent results, SKYTRAX encourages passengers to express their own opinions and does not provide a list of nominees.

Approximately 18.89 million travelers responded to the survey conducted between September 2014 and May 2015.

It covered 245 airlines in 41 key performance indicators of airline front-line product and service, including check-in, boarding, onboard seat comfort, cabin cleanliness, food, beverages, in-flight entertainment and staff service.

EVA seeks to enhance its passengers’ in-flight experiences on every aircraft it flies.

Based on unbiased measurement of passengers’ satisfaction, SKYTRAX’s ratings confirm that EVA is on the right track as it continues to focus on quality service and improvement to provide a flying experience that is both comfortable and memorable.

EVA’s 2015 ratings build on previous distinctions that have included SKYTRAX’s “Best Airline Staff in Asia” in 2012 and rankings among the “World’s Top 10 Airlines in Asia” and as “Best Long-Haul Airline Asia/Pacific” by in December 2014.

EVA’s ranking in 11 of the performance areas evaluated by SKYTRAX include:

Global Awards

EVA’s ranking for 2015

•The World’s Best Airlines Top 100: No. 9

•Best Airline Cabin Cleanliness: No. 1

•Best Airport Services: No. 2

•Best Economy Class Seats: No. 3

•Best Airline trans-Pacific: No. 4

•Best Business Class Lounge: No. 5

•Best Airline in Asia: No. 5

•Best Business Class Airline Seats: No. 7

•Best Airline Cabin Staff: No. 7

•Best Airline Staff-in Asia: No. 7

•Best Airline Economy Class: No. 10