LBC Express, the leading courier service provider in the Philippines, is introducing LBC VIP (Very Important Padala) in North America and Canada, a menu of add-on services that allows customers to increase the benefits of their existing transactions, at a discounted rate.

“At LBC we always look for additional ways to answer to the needs of our customers. We want to give our loyal customers the options to customize the service we provide them,” said Hugo Bonilla, president of LBC North America.

For its initial release, the courier service launched the Extra Pack, which allows customers to send a small box for those items that did not fit one regular box without having to fill up another balikbayan box.

The Extra Pack also prevents the risk of overstuffed boxes, which increases the risk of the package’s security.

Customers can send a small box (24x18x9) for $25 when sending one regular box.

Those sending two regular boxes need to pay only $20 for the small box, while those sending three regular boxes need to pay only $15 for the add-on service.


LBC is offering this service to customers in the United States (excluding Hawaii, Alexandria and Florida), and customers in British Columbia and Toronto in Canada.

The service is advantageous for Filipinos based in the regions who regularly send packages to their relatives back home.

As of 2012, there are 3,494,281 in the USA and 852,401 in Canada.

Other packs such as Security Packs, which will include protective gear and added insurance, and Air Packs, which will focus on air cargo, will be available in LBC’s VIP add-on menu in the future.

“This add-on service will answer the need for additional space or security or time. We hope to make smiles bigger with LBC VIP,” Bonilla concluded.

For more information on LBC, please visit; or call 1-800-241-1312 Extn. 7007.



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