AS the FDA is encouraging the food industry to cut back on added sodium in commercially processed and prepared food, it also serves as a good reminder for all of us that too much salt in the diet is risky for health — but how much is too much is still being debated, says the November 2016 issue of the Harvard Medical School Harvard Health Letter.



CARSON, Calif. — We are in this city in Los Angeles County to cover the 5th Annual Championship of USA Global Pinoy Singing Idol (GPSI).


President-elect Donald J. Trump.  (AP photo)


DEMOCRACY, AMERICAN WAY: President-elect Donald J. Trump and President Barack Obama at the White House on Nov. 10.  (AP photo)


MAHWAH Councilman Jonathan “Jon” Wong and Bergenfield businessman Salvador “Buddy” Deauna, both community-minded Filipino-Americans, need your help on Nov. 8, Election Day.

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