WHEN the shocking news about the suicide of former Armed Forces of the Philippines chief of staff and Defense Secretary Angelo Reyes appeared online just a couple of hours after it happened in the grave site of Reyes’ parents in Marikina City, my first question to myself was not “why?”

WHO was at fault, if any can be assigned, for the tragic self-inflicted death of Angelo T. Reyes, a veteran military and civilian official, who was parrying questions of corruption before Congress when he decided to end it all?



TAX season is approaching — and for hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers, that means that it’s time to reclaim money that they’ve already worked hard for: their Earned Income Tax Credits, or EITCs.



IN a previous column a few years back, we reported that one person in the United States died of a heart attack about every 60 seconds.



AFTER a month of unceasing severe winter snowstorms, mercilessly crippling our area every few days and dumping mountains of snow and ice on sidewalks and driveways, forcing many to stay indoors, it’s crucial for older adults to exercise extra caution during the winter months to protect themselves from adverse weather conditions, says the February 2011 issue of the UCLA Division of Geriatrics’ Healthy / Years.

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