NOW that a new government is in place, fugitive Sen. Panfilo M. Lacson might decide to emerge from hiding and face two murder charges levelled against him for the decade-old brutal killing of a well-known Bicolano publicist and his driver.

MAYOR Ed Koch once said that New York City is the place "where the future comes to audition." And that's something our Administration takes very seriously. In fact, we're bringing the spirit of innovation to every corner of the city. And by thinking creatively — by flipping the conventional wisdom on its head — by having the courage to try new things — we're gaining new ground on some of our most complex, longstanding challenges — like fixing our schools and protecting our environment.


NOW that the most expensive midterm elections are over, let's hope our political leaders will unite and start a dialogue about the real problems facing this country.


THE industrial age has gifted the world with great advances in science and technology. However, we, humans, have neglected to prevent the expected adverse side effects on our environment of this quantum progress. As a result, we have contamination of the air we breathe (industrial pollutants), the water we drink (heavy metals), the food we eat (pesticide residues), which cause debilitating and deadly diseases; and destruction of the ozone layer, which increases our risk for the development of cancer, etc.

THE editorial of the Filipino Reporter's Oct. 29-Nov. 4, 2010 issue on plagiarism states that "for selfish reasons, the Supreme Court of the Philippines deviated from this norm when it cleared one of its members who was accused of plagiarizing four authors without attribution in a decision he wrote dismissing a petition of 70 Filipina comfort women during World War II."

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