Re-electionists Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop (left) and Jersey City Council President Rolando Lavarro, Jr. (right) with Filipino Reporter Editorial/News Editor Manny Caballero.

Jersey City, referred to as the gate to New York City because it is just across the Hudson River, will hold its local elections on Nov. 7, 2017.

At stake are positions for mayor, three council-at-large and six ward council members.

There are two candidates for mayor, incumbent Steven Fulop and lawyer Bill Matsikoudis.

According to a local newspaper, this is the only mayoral contest in Jersey City since 1973 where only two persons are running for mayor.

One Filipino-American, Rolando Lavarro, Jr, is an incumbent council-at-large and respected president of the City Council.

He is with the team of Mayor Fulop.

In addition to Lavarro, there are 33 candidates for the city council’s nine seats.

We endorse Team Steven Fulop.

The members of Team Fulop are: Mayor Steven Fulop; For Council-At-Large Rolando R. Lavarro, Joyce Watterman, Daniel Rivera; For Ward Council: Ward A - Denise Ridley; Ward B - Mira Prinz; Ward C - John Hannusak; Ward D - Moriah “Mo” Kinburg; Ward F - Jermaine Robinson.

We feel and observe that Jersey City is better off today than four years ago.

We appreciate and admire both the offline and online leadership of the 40-year-old Steven Fulop.


(The mayor uses the power of social media in governing. He posts for his constituents to read what he does and where he goes on a regular basis. Thus, online leadership.)


FR photos of Jersey City from atop the new World Trade Center.


With seriousness, we would like to enumerate some of Mayor Fulop’s accomplishments and principal projects:

•Recruitment and training of new police officers and fire department people.

•Moving centers of business from downtown to other wards.

•Upgrade of parks.

•Opened more affordable housing.

•500 new small businesses were opened in the city since 2013.

•Lowest unemployment level in 25 years.

Mayor Fulop prides that all of his achievements are done without raising taxes.

We observe that when leadership is good, people are inspired to pay taxes.

The mayor says often that he is working “to move Jersey City forward.”

Keep him and his colleagues for another four years.

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