The Duterte second family in Hong Kong last weekend.  (PhilStar.com)

We are compelled to ask the question “Anybody home?” to call the attention of whoever is in charge in the native country in light of what we hear, what are reported in international press, and comments posted by Filipinos in social media.

A dentist from Mindanao posted this comment: “I’m neither a LP NP PDP or any political group or association...im a pro pilipino but i hate what is going on now...too shabby full of clowns and corruption is rampant.”

Above is definitely not an isolated Filipino feeling or observation.

Such is a common litany in the Philippines today by many citizens.

“What is happening to our country?” is the common question.

Inflation for September was at 6.7%, highest in nine years.

It is forecast to go up further.

The peso continues to weaken.

As of today, the exchange rate is P54 to $1.

Prices of gasoline and goods keep going up. Gas in June 2016 was P39/liter.

Today, it is P60/liter.

Rice prices increase by 19% compared to a year ago.

The victims?

Millions of poor Filipinos, who, even with pre-inflation prices were already having difficulties to make both ends meet.

Unemployment is at 9.1% or 11.1 million unemployed and underemployed Filipinos.

The law and the sanctity of the Constitution are being violated and misused for personal political interests.

Parts of PH territory in the West Philippine Sea were virtually handed down to China.

Three million Chinese were allowed to enter the country quietly as “immigrants” in the last 26 months.

Critics of government are treated as enemies of the state instead of as guardians of democracy.

Last Friday night, young Filipino-American protesters at the Philippine Consulate in New York were shabbily dragged out of the Consulate Hall while expressing disapproval against the establishment of a Philippine National Police (PNP) office at the N.Y. Consulate.

(The noisy protesters inside the U.S. Senate Confirmation Hall were not dragged out of the room during the recent contentious Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings.)

The PNP, with its record of thousands of extrajudicial killings since June 2016, is not the best government agency to convince Filipino-Americans in our area to be on the side of government in Manila.

One of the PNP representatives even remarked that the parents of the protesters did not give their children good advices!

Meaning, the Fil-Am parents are “irresponsible.”

So, anybody home in the native land?