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In our view, the protracted U.S. Government shutdown is proving to be beneficial to the self-interest of President Trump.

It diverts the national conversation in America from the Mueller Russian investigation and the anti-Trump stories arising from the ongoing probe.

Before the shutdown, almost every day and every news hour, top story was about the Mueller investigation.

Apparently, that could be the towering reason why President Trump won’t compromise with the Democrats...to keep the shutdown continuing and move away from the unpleasant Trump news, including possible impeachment stories.

The supposed main reason for the shutdown is funding for the Mexican border wall which President Trump promised during the campaign that the American people will not spend a single cent to build because Mexico will spend for it.

Now that Mexico refuses to fund the wall, Mr. Trump wants $5.6 billion of American taxpayer monies.

The Democrats in Congress won’t approve the money.

Unfortunately, the 800,000 federal workers are suffering.

They are working without receiving their salaries.


Many others are on furlough.

Piles of garbage are uncollected in the streets around federal parks in D.C.

Tourist attractions in the capital are closed.

Federally operated parks in various states are off-limits to the public.

We are reminded of what the much-admired late President George Herbert Walker Bush said, “There is nothing self-conscious in my love of country.”

(The late chief executive is regarded as the most successful one-term U.S. president.)

Translation: Public office is a public trust.

Subordinate personal interest to public interest.

The above Bush quote should apply to leaders of all nations, including the incumbent Philippine leader who is often criticized as governing on the basis of self-interest.


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