Tuburan District Hospital in Tuburan, Cebu.

We don’t believe that the sickening and criminal incident in a Cebu district hospital earlier in the week which was posted in social media and picked up by the Philippine Daily Inquirer is reflective of the Cebuanos’ character in general.

It is about the medical staff in the emergency room of Tuburan District Hospital, who, instead of attending to a seriously 23-year-old wounded drug suspect shot by PNP personnel during an anti-drug raid, laughed and joked and refused to treat the poor boy.

The boy died an hour after he was left by police in the hospital.

The Inquirer, condemning the incident and the medical personnel involved, wrote in its Editorial in part: “The video shows a man profusely bleeding on a hospital bed and writhing in agony, while some nurses and a security guard watch from a distance.

“At one point, the man reaches his hands out to the guard in a plea for help; brushed off, he tries to prop up his wounded body, draping his legs on the bed’s rails as his blood drops to the floor.

“Don’t get up, one of the nurses admonishes him, the guard also pushes him down. While the man squirms and gasps for breath, the nurses carry on with their conversation with no evident sense of urgency to relieve the patient’s condition.”

The patient died.

Apparently, the police who took the boy to the hospital told people in the hospital the usual police line to justify EJK, “Nanlaban kasi.”

(Because he fought back.)

The parents of the boy said their son was pleading for his life when shot by police.

This sickening incident could be one of the effects of Duterte’s virtual normalization of extrajudicial killings and other killings going on and has gone around the PH because of his “Kill, kill, kill” order in the beginning of his presidency.

Here is a social media posting on this incident: “Many speculated that the medical practitioners themselves may have been hardcore Duterte supporters and that their lackluster intention to save the man’s life were hampered by ideological contradictions. Why would they save drug-suspect lives? When their beloved President wants to butcher them?”

We join those who are calling for an investigation of the medical personnel involved in this incident and the police officers who killed the young boy.

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