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WHAT is depression?

HERE are some of the questions we have received from you, our readers, and my reply to them.

VIAGRA for women? is the frequently asked question around the world, since 40 percent of women have sexual concerns and knowing that the erectile dysfunction blue pill has been very effective in men’s ability to have sustained erection for successful and satisfying intercourse.

THERE is no question that diet plays a very important role in health and the development of cardiovascular diseases, metabolic illnesses, and some forms of cancer, especially of the gastrointestinal tract.

SINCE the acclaimed Hollywood star Angelina Jolie announced in May 2013 that she had preventive double mastectomy after she tested positive for BRCA1 hereditary cancer gene, exposing her to 87 percent chance of developing breast cancer, this malignancy among women came under the spotlight more than ever.

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