Overseas Filipino


From left, Ms. Grace Labaguis, GMA International Marketing Consultant for the U.S. (East Coast); Ms. Susan Waldman, Senior Manager for Membership and Publications, NAMIC; and Ms. Faye Nalicat-Auyong, GMA International Marketing Consultant for Canada.


From left, Evan S. Prado, Lida Marie Ingles (Head Nurse), Dr. Elna R. Tamayo-Prado, Mayor Ariel Igoy, Dr. Floripez Lopez-Yerro (Municipal Health Officer), Rexy G. Tamayo and Bernie R. Tamayo.



The Boholano priests and archbishops at Our Lady of Pompeii Church in New York.


IT’S nice to remember our experiences as first-timers here in America specially those who migrated here during the 1970s.


“AY naku, pinsan, mamamatay ako dito sa altapresyon,” tawag sa akin sa telepono minsang nag-overseas-call ako sa Pinas.

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