Now you can make restaurant

quality Ramen right at home


Everyone’s eating it.

And if somehow you’ve missed out, then don’t fret.

Twin Marquis, the Brooklyn-based Asian food company announces the launch of its Japanese style, easy-to-cook Ramen noodles.

With their fresh noodles and dumpling wrappers flying off the aisles in Asian food stores across the country, Twin Marquis now also brings freshly prepared Ramen noodles paired with concentrated sauce bases.

Grab a pack and make yourself some fresh, tasty and healthy Ramen right at home.

With easy-to-follow instructions that take less than two minutes to prepare, the fresh noodles and sauce base combo comes in three different flavors — miso, tonkotsu and shoyu.

Unlike regular instant noodles, Twin Marquis’ Japanese style Ramen is freshly prepared and stored under refrigeration to retain its texture.

Focusing on high quality and flavor, the noodles are locally manufactured in New York and easily available in most Asian supermarkets around the East Coast.


What’s more, the concentrated sauce base dilutes with water to lend the Ramen a robust, and authentic taste that can match a restaurant quality meal.

Twin Marquis Japanese Style Ramen like all products from the company stable are OU-Certified (Kosher), and manufactured in a USDA facility to ensure food safety and quality assurance.

It contains low sodium, which is perfectly suited for the modern lifestyle of Chinese consumers and provides a healthier alternative to eating out.

Additionally, its attractive Japanese screen packaging allows a peek at the freshness of its springy noodles.

Whether you’re a busy professional or a mom with her hands full, now you don’t have to rush to a restaurant every time you have a Ramen craving.

You can just as easily create an authentic Japanese style Ramen experience right in your kitchen, in no time at all.

Affordably priced at $3.99 a packet, the Ramen comes with two individual portions and two separate sauce concentrations.

For beginner chefs, eager to try Asian delicacies at home, Twin Marquis Ramen is the perfect gateway — all the flavor minus any of the hassle.

About Twin Marquis Inc.

Twin Marquis Inc. (TMI) has been manufacturing a wide variety of noodles and wrappers for over 25 years.

The TMI journey began in a 3,000 square feet facility located in Chinatown, and are now housed in Brooklyn.

TMI also produces full lines of appetizers that include dumplings, spring & egg rolls, sui mei’s, etc., under the brand “Chef One.”



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