SAN FRANCISCO — How would you like to locate a Filipino restaurant, bakery or grocery store in mere seconds on your smartphone?

Simply visit, click on restaurants, type in your favorite restaurant and it locates the restaurant for you.

It’s that simple.

The first-ever Filipino food search is nothing like your typical website.

It is a progressive web app platform, as it behaves like an app (click on the link to test).

The food app covers four key U.S. cities — Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York and New Jersey, with a smattering of Manila restaurants.

Metro Manila has a few listings for now, but it will have more as the platform grows.

Meanwhile, app users in these key cities will like to hear that 99 percent of the Filipino food establishments in these cities can be searched — complete with descriptions, enticing photos and food menus, store hours and, more importantly, routes.

Every restaurant in the listings has directions using Google Map which offers your mode of transport (driving, walking, biking) to and from your favorite Filipino restaurant.

For the listings, click here to see the restaurants nearest you.

The food spots closest to you are shown on the top with an overlay on the image that indicates how many miles or kilometers you are from the food spot.

It’s Yelp for Filipino food.

The food spots on are called Restaurants but they comprise all the different food spots — restaurants in this case can be eateries, fast-food chains like Jollibee (of course) bakeries, grocery stores and supermarkets, even food trucks.

Clicking on one listings gives you more precise information or where you can follow some Filipino food trucks.

The search feature of makes it easy to search for hundreds, if not all, of the Filipino food establishments in the U.S. cities covered by the app.

Locating specific food items are new and may only point to certain restaurants but with more entries, it will become easier to find the closest “sisig” near you.

For better searches, one is advised to locate the exact names of Filipino food establishments.

The app also has features Articles (or Blog) and Events.

Blog entries are not limited to the four key cities here, but all over the world.

They’re mostly related to food and announces new food spots to try out.

The site showcases traditional and modern Filipino cuisine by Filipinos and Filipino-American culinary talents, with some of them emerging from the best restaurants in the United States and the Philippines, and adding creative flair to Filipino food for different palates.

Even coverages, on the other hand, will focus mostly feature Filipino festivals. has never come in a more opportune time with the Filipino food movement sweeping the United States.

In fact, there’s a U.S.-based Filipino organization precisely with that name.

It was founded recently to create broad awareness, appreciation and enhanced investment in Filipino culinary arts. is aimed at listing down all Filipino restaurants on a global scale.

If you also have information, insights, announcements or any comments or food stories to share, please e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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