If you look at the people around you, chances are the fit and lean for the most part of their lives are those who are actively engaged in sports they love and for which they are willing to do-rain or shine.

And with the erratic weather brought about by climate change, the best time is any day the weather permits.

There really is no best time to engage in sports; anytime is the best time if you’re really interested.

Today is just a good a day to discover what activity you’ll enjoy with emphasis on the joy.

As in work, so too in sports: do what you love and the fitness, if not the weight loss, will follow.

Think of it as a series of mini adventures within your community for the remaining months of the year, not a grand goal carved in stone.

Brisk walk (even just to your car or the length of a mall’s hallway when shopping), then run in your neighborhood (or even just walk down the stairs in your office or home building), bike on a borrowed or rented one, swim in a public pool in your area, do aerobics or dancing or martial arts near your home or workplace, take badminton, tennis , golf or fencing lessons (or whatever is available and affordable) and if your health is up to it, engage in extreme sports on weekends.

Begin with the first step: organize your sports gear and exercise stuff in a bag dedicated for that purpose alone so you’re always ready to hit the street or the court or the pool anytime you find yourself even with just an hour on your hands.

And all it takes is one hour three times a week at least.

Chester S. Ching, vice president for marketing of Hawk Bags, multi-award winning manufacturer of quality bags since 1978, says that when his company was doing research on customers’ needs for a sports bag, he found out that one of the major reasons people are not able to exercise or engage in their favorite sports more often is that they were not organized for the change of clothes and gear needed to shift to exercise mode.

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