Officers of the Association for Adults with Autism Philippines (AAAP) and performers at the dinner benefit held at the Manila Polo Club on Nov. 3, 2017.

The Association for Adults with Autism Philippines (AAAP) will hold a theater benefit on Sunday, Oct. 28, 2018, at 3 p.m., at the Beckett Theater on 410 West 42nd Street in New York.

The featured presentation is the play “SESAR” by Filipino-American playwright Orlando Pabotoy.

Proceeds will go toward the development and construction of A Special Place, the first multi-function residential and work community for adults with autism in the Philippines.

Adults with autism comprise the majority of persons with autism.

This fact is largely unrecognized, since conventional knowledge has presumed autism as a condition experienced by children only.

In fact, autism is life-long and the lack of awareness regarding the longevity of autism has resulted in significant unmet needs of adults with autism.

AAAP was founded by Dr. Lirio Covey, Professor of Clinical Psychology at Columbia University and mother of an autistic adult and New York resident, to raise awareness and improve services for adults with autism in the Philippines.

She was joined by other  parents and advocates of adults with autism who wished to ensure that their affected family member continues to receive appropriate care and attention when they are no longer able.

It is an answer to family members’ question of — “who will take care of my child when I am gone?”



The goals of AAAP are encapsulated in the 4 As of societal response to autism: Awareness, Acceptance, Adaptation, and Accommodation.

A Special Place, the envisioned residential community, addresses each of these A’s, most significantly Adaptation and Accommodation by providing work and living spaces suitable to the circumstances of autism in adulthood.

This means an environment that engenders independence for its residents who will live with their peers in a community that is safe, comfortable and conducive to continued development of their unique skills and adaptation to their limitations.

Abiding by the Filipino value of close family relationships, allied services for aging parents of residents will be available.

The site of this residential village will be in Alfonso, Cavite, a cool, flood-safe area close to Tagaytay City, a resort area south of Manila.

A Special Place will serve as a model for other future residential facilities that will serve the segment of Filipinos with autism who, when reaching adulthood, will require daily supervision and assistance when their own supportive family members (parents and/or siblings) are no longer physically able to care for them.

Tickets are priced at $75 for general admission and $100 for sponsors.

Donations are welcome.

This theater benefit is made possible through the generous assistance of the MaYi Theater, Inc. and the Global ShareResource Foundation.

More information about the upcoming theater benefit, AAAP and A Special Place can be obtained through inquiries to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .



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