The Zambales Resort Owners Association Inc. (ZROA), having entered into a memorandum of agreement with Philippine Life Saving Society (PLS), has launched a program to train life savers (lifeguards) to patrol the popular beaches of Zambales and other areas for the coming summer.

When one sees two red and yellow flags planted at the beach area, it means the water is safe to swim between the flag area.

It symbolizes that lifeguards patrol the area between the flags.

Many have possibly seen Baywatch or Bondi rescue on television.

This could become a reality also in the Philippines.

Hopefully, it will start in Zambales this summer.

Both ZROA and PLS are extremely grateful to the Surf Life Saving Society of Australia which is sending its most experienced Instructor, Murray Copas, to the Philippines to oversee and assist in making sure that the training is of the highest international standard.

For the past five years, PLS, a full member of the International Life Saving Society, spearheads campaigns in Drowning Prevention, through the standardization of Water Safety, Pool and Beach Lifeguarding in the country through its Bronze Medallion programs, the internationally recognized minimum standard for lifeguards.

The training is designed to train Filipinos in the areas of surf and general water safety, with the additional advantage that a number of those who will undergo the stringent 12 day training course will be certified as instructors, so the program can continue and expand in the Philippines.

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