Wittingly or unwittingly, President Benigno Aquino III spokesman Edwin Lacierda lied when he said earlier in Manila that the new Philippine tourism slogan “It’s more fun in the Philippines” was not a plagiarism or merely copied from its original creator.

The Filipino Reporter was able to obtain an original copy of an advertisement produced and created by the Swiss National Tourist Office years ago with an opening slogan which says “It’s more fun in Switzerland.” (Above photo.)

The above ad appeared in National Geographic magazine and could easily be Googled by searching “It’s more fun.”

The recently created official Philippine tourism slogan “It’s more fun in the Philippines” has been criticized early on, both in Manila and in the U.S. by a columnist of the Reporter for being an exact copy of Switzerland’s slogan.

Lacierda replied to critics and said, “It’s not a copied slogan. It’s more fun in Switzerland is not a slogan in Switzerland. It’s one of the (ads), if you check the work.”

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