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With six remaining weeks before the regular season ends, all the teams in the FALConn’s 3rd Basketball league are doubling-up their efforts to make it to the final top eight.

St. Matthew Philippine-American Association is seeking teams for its annual basketball league to begin on May 1, 2011.


University of Connecticut Huskies guard Kemba Walker holds up the NCAA trophy with his teammates after they defeated the Butler Bulldogs in the men's final NCAA Final Four college championship game in Houston, Texas on April 4.  (Reuters/Jeff Haynes)


HOUSTON — Midnight finally came for Cinderella, with Butler's loss to the University of Connecticut Huskies, 53-41 Monday night at Houston's Reliant Stadium.


Special to the Filipino Reporter

More than 500 people filled the Eastern Civic Center in Old Greenwich, Connecticut for the opening of the Kabayan Cup 3 - Basketball League on Jan. 22.

FALConn takes pride of its officers and members whose dedication and commitment to work together for a common goal is undeniable. The untiring support of the community remains a huge inspiration for FALConn to keep on going and to give meaning in everyone’s involvement in all their undertakings. At FALConn, sports, fun and love indeed connect! Visit their website at for more information.

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