A couple of the coaches (standing in white and in red) giving final instructions before ending the 1st Basketball Clinic Session.  (Photo by NYPCG)

What better way to engage with the Filipino-American community in the U.S. Northeast Region than to appeal to the innate Pinoy exuberance towards basketball.

The PHL Basketball Team, under the auspices of the Philippine Consulate General in New York (PCGNY), held its maiden PHL Basketball Clinic at the Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Gym in Jersey City, N.J. on May 5, 2019.

Ryan A. Compendio, PCGNY’s Records, Communications and Information Officer, served as one of the coaches.

The PHL Basketball Team is composed of personnel from the PCGNY, their family members and friends, who have all volunteered to teach and share their technical knowledge of basketball.

The bulk of the participants come from the New York-New Jersey area.

A total of 40 participants composed of young players ranging from 3 to 14 years old, participated in the first day of the four-day clinic.

The children’s parents, relatives and friends were present to cheer them on as the children ran through basketball drills designed to improve footwork, passing, dribbling and shooting ability.

Parents and family members showing their support for their young ones.  (Photo by Mark Cruz)

The event is the result of the Philippine Consulate General’s recognition of the concept of a sound mind in a sound body, as well as its commitment to its Sports Diplomacy program.

The clinic instructs kids on the skills necessary to be better players.

More than that however, the program aims to teach players the right attitude to make it as team members, and that everyone has a role to play, even if it is only a small role and, in so doing, to perform that role to the best of their abilities.

Sports teaches leadership, teamwork and camaraderie.

It also teaches to be humble in victory, and accepting in defeat.

Participants doing their warm up exercises.  (Photo by Mark Cruz)

The basketball clinic was made possible through the support and help of PHL Basketball Team, the Jersey City Athletic Association, 360 Fitness, RGX Sportswear, Noodlefan, Team United, JCI New Jersey and the Pan American Concerned Citizens Action League.

The Basketball Clinic will run every Sunday of the month of May from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.

Participants, aged 10-12 years old, carrying out “ball handling drills.”  (Photo by Beverly Pellosis)

Participants, aged 7-8 years old, doing footwork drill (back pedal).  (Photo by Beverly Pellosis)

Participants, aged 9 years old, doing dribbling drills while being supervised by the assigned coach.  (Photo by Beverly Pellosis)

Participants, aged 3-4 years old being taught on basic stance.  (Photo by Beverly Pellosis)

Children enjoying playtime on the last part of the session.  (Photo by Beverly Pellosis)