Manny Pacquiao (left) and Timothy Bradley share laughs during their press tour.  (Reuters photo)

LOS ANGELES — In the absence of Freddie Roach, who was out honoring a previous TV commitment, Buboy Fernandez took charge of training.

He also did the talking last Friday inside the Wild Card Gym in Hollywood.

“Manny is 100 percent ready. Perfect. The timing, defense, footwork and stamina are there,” said Fernandez, a childhood friend to Pacquiao.

Fernandez is on the same page with Roach, who said last Thursday that Pacquiao is in “great shape” and has Timothy Bradley all figured out.

Fernandez by himself had Bradley all figured out because the day the fight was sealed, in February, he started reviewing tapes of the American boxer.

Perhaps he knows Bradley better than anyone else in Team Pacquiao.

He thinks Bradley can’t last the distance against Pacquiao when they lock horns on June 9 at the MGM Grand of Las Vegas.

Hindi ko ma-drawing na hahaba ang laban (I can’t imagine it lasting the distance),” Fernandez told Pinoy scribes who stood before him.

Hindi ko talaga maisip. Kaya kung humaba man, gulpi ang kalaban (If the fight lasts, then the opponent ends up all beat up),” he said.

Fernandez said it could be like Ricky Hatton or Miguel Cotto all over again — Hatton going down, flat on his back inside two rounds, and Cotto being stopped in the 12th round, his face a bloody mask.

Or like the one against Oscar De La Hoya, who quit on his stool before the start of the ninth round, not knowing what to do.

Kaya pag humaba ang laban baka itigil na ng refere o ng corner. Gulpi,” said Fernandez, who worked the mitts with Pacquiao for 10 rounds.

Fernandez said Bradley, who has never lost in 28 fights, has never fought someone in the caliber of Pacquiao.

Yet, he warned the Filipino champion of being overconfident.

Huwag na huwag mag-istambay sa harap (Just don’t stand in front of him),” he said.

Dahil may ligaw na suntok (There’s the stray punch),” added Fernandez, who doesn’t expect Bradley to mix it up with Pacquiao in the opening rounds.

If he does, then he won’t last.

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