Manny Pacquiao flashes the thumbs-up sign as he poses with former NBA star Reggie Miller during a break in training.

MANILA — A few days ago it was Marco Antonio Barrera who joined Manny Pacquiao in his early-morning run in Los Angeles.

And before him, many others have come to see the great Filipino boxer.

Tuesday, another sporting great, retired NBA superstar Reggie Miller, joined the Filipino boxing icon as he ran up and down Griffith Park.

“I went on a long run with Manny,” the 6-foot-7 Miller, who hit countless winning shots in his 18-year NBA career with the Indiana Pacers, said on Twitter.

After the long run, the five-time All-Star, who now works as TNT NBA commentator, posed for pictures with the awe-struck members of Team Pacquiao.

He also posed for a souvenir shot with Pacquiao, his right arm over the shoulders of the 5’6 1/2” boxer.

Pacquiao entered his third week of training in Los Angeles for his Dec. 8 encounter with Mexican rival Juan Manuel Marquez.

It’s been a busy three weeks for Pacquiao on the road and at the Wild Card Gym.

In between breaks, he’s been grating interviews left and right.

Last week, Barrera paid Pacquiao a visit at the famous Hollywood sweatshop and did an interview for Spanish TV sports program Azteca.

The following morning, Barrera, who lost twice to Pacquiao in 2003 and 2007, joined Pacquiao for the latter’s roadwork.

Pacquiao has a huge following, and wherever he goes, whatever he does, people come up to him to have their pictures taken.

At the Wild Card Gym, it’s no longer a surprise seeing VIPs around — from Hollywood stars like Mark Wahlberg to sports icons like Kobe Bryant coming in for a visit.

Others who have come to see Pacquiao include Sylvester Stallone and Paris Hilton, Denzel Washington and Jeremy Rener, Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield, the Boston Celtics and Ron Artest, and Mickey Rourke, Robert Duval, Jeremy Piven, Michael Payne, Don Rickles, Christian Bale and Jessica Alba.

They’ve all come to see him.