Manny Pacquiao prays as he celebrates after defeating Chris Algieri. At right is Pacquiao’s mother Dionisia Pacquiao (Mommy D).  (AP photo/Kin Cheung)


WOULD you like to lose sleep to watch the Pambansang Kamao, alias Manny Pacquiao, fight in far-away Macau starting at 12:30 a.m. (EST) in New York?

We are not exactly boxing nuts, but somehow we’ve watched all his matches in Macau and Las Vegas, courtesy of HBO Pay-Per-View (PPV).

Right in the living room.

Besides, next day was a Sunday.

Why pass up this one, which was hyped as another test of Pacquiao’s making short work of a younger opponent, including a rare knockout, which did not come out.

But The Sarangani Slasher knocked Chris Algieri down six times, each time the Long Island native bounced up on his feet, ready for the next round.

His corner’s game plan was to knock Manny out, having lost all 12 rounds to the eight time world champion.

That guy had guts, anyone else would have headed to the nearest exit.

At a family lunch before the Saturday fight, for some reason, I predicted the fight would go the distance, notwithstanding Algieri is an underdog.

Other predictions were Manny in 4, or within 4, and Manny in 6 was talked about.

Trainer Freddie Roach didn’t get what he wished: a knockout.

The pro-Filipino crowd at The Venetian got its money’s worth.

The crowd was waiting for Manny to go for the kill right off the bat, but that was not happening.

He was chasing Algieri all the time, but as one Manila sportswriter said, Algieri was more foot speed, less footwork.

He pretended to be Muhammad Ali, “floating like a butterfly, stinging like a bee.”

There was more floating than stinging.

Perhaps this was carrying over from Algieri’s early days as a kickboxer, popular in Thailand.

There was a more amusing sidelight going on at ringside.

A Filipino terno-clad Mommy D, the champ’s mom, was waving a rosary at the direction of Algieri, who was oblivious by her antics.

Mommy D’s theatrics was flashed on the big screen and Filipino fans broke out into wild cheers.

We wonder if there is a U.S. version of the Games and Amusement Board with a rule against hexing during a fight.

Like her congressman-son, Mommy D is also a household name in Mindanao and the rest of the country.

She dresses flashily, is into singing and dancing, and wears bling-bling.

On top of that, she sports a younger boyfriend.

What will she think of next?

After Pacman was declared unanimous winner in retaining his WBO welterweight title, he went back into center ring, saying, “I did my best. This is one of my best fights and I trained hard.”

And then the question everybody’s waiting for: Will you fight Floyd Mayweather?

A giddy, broadly beaming Manny quickly replied: “Yes, I will fight him! He wants to fight me?”

Floyd, what you say?

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