Pampanga Rep. Gloria Arroyo during one of her recent medical visits at St. Luke’s Medical Center Global City.

MANILA — Former President Gloria Arroyo is getting better and has had “remarkable improvements in her neurologic status,” Dr. Mario Ver, Arroyo’s orthopedic surgeon at the St. Luke’s Medical Center Global City, announced Wednesday.

“She no longer suffers from neck pain, shooting pain through arms and hands, feels no more weakness or numbness in her upper extremities, her original complaints before surgery,” Ver said in a medical bulletin.

Arroyo went to the hospital Tuesday morning for a post-operative follow-up consultation.

Arroyo has undergone three operations for her pinched cervical spine.

Physicians said latest X-rays showed that the implant device “is stable, there is no loosening, dislodgement or interruption of the implant.”

They said the alignment of the cervical spine has been stable since surgery on Aug. 25.

Dr. Bernie Laya, the director of the hospital’s Institute of Radiology, concurred with Ver that early evidence of bone growth is taking place in the grafted anterior column C3 to C7 of Arroyo’s cervical spine.

The physicians also said Arroyo’s halo vest was removed three weeks ago and has been “downgraded or reduced to a less rigid brace.”

“She is currently encouraged to do some rotational head and neck movement,” Laya said.

Dr. Juliet Gopez-Cervantes, Arroyo’s main attending physician, together with Drs. Brian Cabral, nephrologist, and Roberto Mirasol, endocrinologist, agreed Arroyo’s clinical condition is definitely improving.

‘Unique’ condition

They said Arroyo was found to have hypoparathyroidism and Vitamin D deficiency and given this “unique” medical condition, “it became apparent that due to the electrolyte, hormonal and vitamin deficiencies, she had developed some type of bone mineral disorder which made her bones weak and unable to support the first attempt at fusion.”

Because of such condition, the former president received a replacement for Vitamin D in the form of ergocalciferol and calcitriol and had also been in “chronic magnesium replacement” since her surgery, the doctors said.

The doctors said Arroyo is now “replete” with supplies of calcium, magnesium, Vitamin D “which is a state that should ensure good bone healing.”

“This is further evidenced by the fact that follow-up x-rays show early signs of bone deposition and formation, as well as continuous stability with no evidence of dislodgement of the implant. She will continue on her teriparitide and Vitamin D supplementation, as well as with her calcium and magnesium supplements for now,” he said.

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