Internally displaced Somali women wait for food at a camp in the Somali capital, Mogadishu, on July 20, 2011. People in the rebel-controlled south and south-central parts of the country, whose livelihoods have been devastated by a combination of factors - from drought to conflict and global rises in commodity prices - have been left no choice but to walk for days to find food. Many of the thousands of families who managed to reach Mogadishu lost children along the way to starvation.  (Omar Faruk/Reuters)


In this photo provided by Miraflores Presidential Press Office, Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez, center, shares a moment with female Army cadets during a visit to Alejandro Petion military academy at Fuerte Tiuna in Caracas, Venezuela, Thursday, July 7, 2011. Ailing Chavez appeared live on television Thursday, meeting with cadets and other soldiers at the country's largest military base and vowing to survive his recent surgery to remove a cancerous tumor.  (AP photo//Miraflores Presidential Press Office)


CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) — Even before President Hugo Chavez



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Armenian experts describe Turkey’s upcoming elections as the tensest in the last few years, with “unprecedented pressure on the military.”




There’s a political and planetary solar system at work, where the earth revolves around the sun, while it comprises near-200 nations that revolve around various interests and ideologies that cooperate, compete, and clash.


"Some of the arguments used to present Bin Laden's killing as lawful could also be applied if coalition forces kill Colonel Gaddafi," the researchers said.  (AP photo)


Independent researchers from the House of Commons Library suggested that the arguments the United States has used to justify the death of the al-Qaeda leader could be also be applied to the killing of others.

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