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Prime Minister Stephen Harper will attend the G8 Summit in Deauville, France, next week. (Fred Chartrand/Canadian Press)


The Conservative government is considering imposing sanctions against Syria, an action already taken by other countries and one that will be a top agenda item at next week's G8 meeting.


A trade official of Canada is encouraging the Philippine Government and Filipino businessmen to invest and take advantage of opportunities in the Canadian export, agriculture and food markets.




MANILA — Filipino security escorts of U.S. Ambassador Harry Thomas harassed and manhandled media men conducting an ambush interview with the envoy at the AFP [Armed Forces of the Philippines] Medical Center in Quezon City.

From left, Ermie Zotomayor, Antonio Laroya and Arnisito Gaviola. An exclusion order was issued on Monday.  (Photo courtesy of the Winnipeg Free Press)


WINNIPEG, Manitoba — Three Filipino men arrested and facing deportation for failing to have proper work permits are one step closer to being kicked out of Canada.


Waves crash on San Francisco's Ocean Beach during a tsunami-warning period on Friday.  (Photo by Noah Berger, AP)


(Richard A. Lovett in Seattle, Washington for National Geographic News)

The deadly earthquake that struck Japan Friday sent a tsunami racing across the Pacific Ocean, causing flooding in Hawaii and prompting tsunami warnings along beaches in the Pacific Northwest and California.

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