Presidential nominee Mitt Romney speaks at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida last month. President Barack Obama and the former Massachusetts governor will have their first debate in Denver, Colorado on Oct. 3.

I bought the Filipino Reporter this week, issue of Sept. 7-13, 2012, and I read Manuel Caballero’s column with amusement.

I am disheartened that he voted for President Barack Obama in 2008 and gleaning from his column, he seems inclined to vote for Obama again.

My comments follow:

You mentioned in your column that a vote for Obama “takes the risk of continue moving this country forward and finish the work of fixing the economic mess of 2008 or strengthening the middle class or continue with a tepid pace of economic growth.”

The vote for Mitt Romney on the other hand “will take the risk of this country going back to the old policies that triggered the economic recession of 2008, hoping they won’t happen again this time.”

On page 54, you wrote that recession ended under President Obama.

The double digit unemployment rate has gone down to single digit.

May I ask you, Mr. Caballero, what is the unemployment rate when Obama took office?

What’s the source of your data?

I thought the unemployment rate when Obama took office was 7.8%.

I could be wrong as I haven’t checked it yet.

What is the national debt when Obama took office?

What is the national debt now?

There is no doubt that Obama is a very good public speaker and he dazzles his audience with his speeches.

But I look deeper than mere speeches.

I have a question: why did Obama had all his college records sealed?

From Occidental College, Columbia University and from Harvard, all his college records were sealed.


You said that the vote for Romney is going back to the old policies of the past.

Aren’t you projecting what Romney will do?

Romney according to President Bill Clinton has “a very sterling business career,” which unfortunately Clinton walked back and changed his tune two days after he made the statement.

So with Corey Booker on his TV interview who said that private equity had helped so many companies.

After he made such statements, Booker also walked back, days after he made the statement.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein with regard to the security leaks, said one day, that the leaks come from the White House.

The following day after making the statement, Feinstein also walked back.

Did all these people from Clinton to Feinstein got a call from somewhere to retract their statements?

Let us remember that Barack Obama has no executive experience before he was elected to the Office of the President.

He was just a mere community organizer.

For his incompetence, he blames George W. Bush, he blames the bank’s ATM which takes some job away from the bank teller and, sadly, he blames the Republican Congress for not approving his job proposals.

I think it was Benjamin Franklin who once said that “An individual who is good on making excuses is seldom good on anything.”

Doesn’t Obama know that Romney as a governor had 87% Democrats in the State Senate?

Yet Romney was able to push his agenda to fruition.

According to Bill O’Reilly, Romney inherited a $3.1 billion deficit when he took office as governor.

He left the office just with few millions in deficit and he left with an unemployment rate of 4.6 percent.

Ronald Reagan had to deal with a Democratic Congress with Tip O’Neill as the Speaker of the House, yet Reagan having been a governor, was able to push his agenda.

I think Reagan was able to create more than 22 million jobs.

He was able to work with both sides of the Isle, so to speak.

Clinton had been a governor of Arkansas.

Obviously like Reagan, he had executive experience.

Clinton had to deal with a Republican Congress with the Speaker Newt Gingrich then but he was able to push his agenda.

That is obviously leadership.

How about Obama?

He had a Democrat Congress and a Democrat Senate in the first two years in office.

Was he able to push the Dream Act to legalize the 12 million or so illegal immigrants?

Now he blames the Republican Congress.

Where is his leadership?

He does not even have a budget.

How could you operate a government without a budget?

Ordinary households have budgets to adhere to, Mr. Caballero.
In one of his TV interviews, Ed Rendell, the Democratic ex-governor of Pennsylvania said that Obama has no executive experience.

He has not dealt with payroll and all the intricacies of running the government.

He even did not act on the Simpson-Bowles recommendation to reign in the deficit.

Since January 2012, he had met only once with his Job Council.

Is this leadership?

Because Obama is a very good speaker, maybe he is banking on being able to “fool” the American public again.

You fool me once, shame on you; you fool me twice, shame on me.


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