The Duke and Duchess and Cambridge, pictured during their royal tour of Canada Photo: Matt Baron/BEI/Rex Features


Fortunately the newlyweds aren’t cash-strapped tourists, otherwise they’d be acutely aware of how much the pound has fallen against the Canadian dollar in the last three years.

Even so, they have tried to make savings on the cost of their first official foreign tour by using a regular scheduled flight for the return journey rather than a private jet and Kate has shown she knows how to economise by wearing some outfits that have had a public airing on other engagements before.

The exchange rate is close to its lowest point.

It’s not just that the British currency is so out of favour, but that alone in the Western world Canada’s economy has side-stepped the financial woes of the US, UK and Europe.

“Since the beginning of the financial mayhem in 2009, the Canadian economy has genuinely established itself amongst the most durable and successful the world over,” explains William Poole, strategist at FC Exchange.

“In large part, Canada’s success is attributed to a vibrant export base, thanks most notably to the country’s vast reserves of oil. However in addition to this it has a banking sector that is now being admired as a role model for the Western world. In a recent G7 meeting Canada was praised for having the best banks in the world, a system that other countries should look up to.”

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